DurhamBushcraft Moot

Durham’s Monthly Bushcraft Moot at Northern Wilderness Bushcraft School

Welcome to the home of the first Bushmoot in the UK, we termed the phrase “bushmoot” which means bush meeting. Its where local bushcrafters and our friends join each month around the campfire for a catch up, share ideas and new skills and help new bushcrafters out with advice and much more. Its fantastic weekend and all are welcome.

Join us each month as a member or none member for our monthly Bushcraft moot or as its known Bushmoot.

Our bushmoot start on the Friday with a small gathering at our fireside from 5pm and run till Sunday at 11am.

On the Saturday we generally have talks on bushcraft and survival, show and tell on kit and bushcraft related items, inventions or skill sets around the fireside or hikes through our land, wild edible walks, archery or history tours of the grounds.

Each month is different and some months we have guest speakers during the day or on the evening but the evenings are generally kept aside for catching up, having a beer and Northern Wilderness staff will be cooking a group feast on the fire as part of what we offer, each months it’s a different campfire food from roasted meats and veg to Bush beans and chorizo and smoked sausage, curries or whatever we can create on our fire.

For none campers the moot starts at 10am till 5.30pm during the day. For none members who are camping, you can arive on the Friday any time after 5pm till 11am Sunday.

Learn new skills within bushcraft and survival and share your knowledge within the bushcraft community, give talks and shows or just sit back and watch!

You can meet like minded people and all dogs are welcome as long as they a nice and friendly.

Come, give a talk or show at the Durham Monthly Bushmoot and stay all weekend for FREE!

If you would like to give a talk and show on anything bushcraft and survival related from paracorde, to knife makng, camp cooking course to pushing your hand made items then just contact us on 07525639943 and we will get you booked in.

Its free for you to attend, you will eat for free and if you have items for sale you could sell them on!

Contact us today for more info!

Photo: Leathercraft skills, Above by Steve Taylor

For more infomation on the Durham Bushmoot visit www.northernwilderness.co.uk