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Bushcraft Knives, Knives for Survival and Woodlore, what should I buy?

Above: The ideal bushcraft knife, full tang, no weak points, scandi grind, small piont, 5mm thick, finger stop!  SPACE We get asked many times about our knives and what we use and recommend. I personally think that the knife you … Continue reading

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Auriculariaceae family, Auricula-judae aka Jews ear / jelly ear

Auricularia auricula-judae, known as the Jew’s ear, wood ear, jelly ear or by a number of other common names, is a species of edible Auriculariales fungus found worldwide. The fruiting body is distinguished by its noticeably ear-like shape and brown colouration; it grows upon wood, especially elder. Its specific epithet is derived from the belief that Judas Iscariot hanged himself from an elder tree; the common name “Judas’s ear” eventually became “Jew’s ear”, while today “jelly ear” and other names are sometimes used. The fungus can be found throughout the year in temperate regions worldwide, where it grows upon both dead and living wood. Continue reading

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